Thursday, May 21, 2015

Pope Francis on Family Education

Wednesday Pope Francis spoke to families emphasizing the role parents have in educating and supporting their children as they are maturing into adulthood. Here is the first sentence of the article.

At May 20 audience, he stressed that educatitIong and raising children in the human values that form the “backbone” of a healthy society is a responsibility that each family has.

The main point of his article is parents have taken a back seat to educators and "experts" in caring for their own children. He strongly recommends parents put themselves back into the driver's seat. As a parent educator you may be curious as to response. I say amen and hallelujah! Our children are often at the mercy of adults who while they care for children in general. Can not possibly create strong, heartfelt, deeply emotional relationships with each child in their care. Children are born into families so these relationships can be built, which allows for growth in a loving and supportive environment.

In our western society we have gotten to the point where many believe children need to be protected from parents. While in some cases this is true; more often it is not. As a child and parent advocate I think it is necessary to put preventions in child abuse and neglect in place. 

Parent education would be a great requirement. I disagree with some colleagues who would like to see it as a high school rerequirement. It's already an option there. However, I think it could be a good college freshmen or trade school requirement. What we have to recognize is what's happening now is not working. We are trying to have school teachers raise children. 

This is the real reason our schools are having issues. There is only so much time in the school day. Instead of teachers educating the children in reading, writing, and math. They are teaching self-regulation, personal responsibility, and following directions. These are the things Parents and Early Childhood Education should be teaching. 

Instead many experts say parents especially Dads are extra. The state is better prepared to teach children. The sentiment seems to be   parents need to care for the physical needs and let schools and other state agencies teach children about life. Not a good idea or even realistic. Pope Francis recognizes this and his statements yesterday are a breath of fresh air for this parent educator.

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