Saturday, May 23, 2015

Timothy Paul Jones  blog post speaks to Family Ministries on how to help parents to re-engage in their own children's lives. He is speaking directly to the Spiritual lives of the children.  However, I also see this in regards to everyday life. Children speak to parents like peers, following only if the want to. As Mr. Jones points out "it is time to engage" yet many parents have no idea how to engage.

Why do they not know how? Because they are not being taught. Mr. Jones is talking about discipleship I am talking about parenting period. Parents when given the tools they need can not onpy engage but can be effective.

Timothy gibes Family Ministries some tips on helping parents. Here are mine fot parents directly.

How to Engage

1. Begin by actively listening  pay attention to words, body language, and the emotional connection beneath the words. Then be a mirror and repeat back what you have heard. Wait until you have heard everything and then respond after a pause to consider what you have heard.

2. Be open, honest, kind, and calm when you express your thoughts and feelings. Believe or not your children need and want your approval. They especially want itvwhen they are acting like they do not care.

3. Be present. By this I am talking about more than being physically there. I'm taking about being mentality, emotionally, and spiritually active in whatever is happening. Be a conscious participant.

4. Show your love in words, actons, and touch. Your children should never wonder how you feel about them. Tell them your proud when you feel it. Open your heart and your atms, be affectionate. Laughter is required. Joy is too.

Just engage. Just really be there. Believe in Parenting. Believe in yourself.

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