Friday, April 21, 2017

Week 16: Authenticity Examining the Journey

Welcome to Week 16

Over the last four months we have been embarking on a journey to become more true to ourselves based on what he belief, think, say, and do. Our journey has been to align these four areas into one cohesive whole. It is time to stop and take a real look at the changes the last four months has made in our lives. 

My Journey

These four months have seen me making changes in my life I have lost weight and become more fit. I still have a long way to go. However, I am not of the mindset I need a fit and healthy body which is a lifelong journey I am not feeling overwhelmed or like a loser because I have not hit a certain weight loss at a certain time. Instead, my life is being lived in a way which supports my overall goal. I have also been working on retooling my business. I realized I am too technical in some aspects. I am learning to take my in person personal and bring it to my online engagements. I must say writing this series of blogs has helped me with this.

Change takes time and commitment tp get to where we want to go. This week and next there are no exercises. Instead I want you to review the last 4 months and come to some conclusions on what this alignment means to you and how you have and how you want to continue to change. 

  • Go back over the last 14 weeks of information. I say 14 because week 8 was another reflection time.
  •  Use your journal to write down any thoughts or ideas which come to you about the changes. 
  • Think about where you started and where you are now. 
  • Reflect on how these changes have effected your life and your relationships. First the relationship with yourself then your relationship with other adults and finally your relationship with your children.
Next week I am going to ask you to have some conversations about the changes you have made and how others are reflecting on them. Think about four people you wold like to talk to about these changes and see if you can make plans to sit down and talk with them next week. In next weeks post I will give you some guidelines for your conversations.

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