Friday, April 28, 2017

Week 17: Talking about your Journey

Welcome to Week 17

Last week I asked you to consider the journey you have made over the last 15 weeks. One of your exercises was to think of four people you would like to sit down with and discuss your journey. This is a continyuation of examining your path to Authenticity. Being able to talk about the changes in clear terms so someone else can get where you are coming from is an important prt of the process. 

I listen a lot to talk show host Denis Praeger. He often says agreement is not necessary however clarity is essential. I agree. What you are really shooting for here is not for the folks to agree with the changes you have made instead you want them to be clear on the changes and why you decided to make them.
We live in a deeply divided country at the moment. This is as much a political as it is an ideological divide. Someone I love dearly and I are on opposite sides of the divide and quite stringently disagree. However,k we each understand the others point of view and on some level are willing to agree to disagree. You may find yourself in a similar situation as you begin to discuss these changes with others. Though, I hope you have been sharing your steps along the way; which will make the process much easier.

Before you meet with anyone decide on the one change which is most important to you. This is the challenge I am giving to you. Discuss this change with four people in your life and journal about the conversations. I am going to give you two weeks of silence to accomplish this task. I want you to take this time to continue reflecting on how far  you have come. Take into account any constructive criticism you have been given and examine it to see if and how you can incorporate it. If you get nonconstructive criticism, and you may. Once the anger dies down, look over what was said and take the things which will benefit you from the conversation and ditch the rest. 

You are not responsible for someone else's journey this is about being true to yourself!

Once you have done this exercise I want you to begin think about how you can pass this experience on to your children. When we resume our journey in two weeks I will be incorporating more exercises about how to start your children on this journey of authenticity. Good Luck and if you need me I am only an email away!

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