Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Back to School Bash: It's A Celebration of Summer

The end of Summer is always bittersweet. For those of us who are teachers, for kids, for parents it is the end of the carefree days of no homework, not getting up early, and no long days spent in the pool or watching movies. So, it is a great way to kick off the end of Summer by throwing a great back to school party.


I suggest you make them. Have a family sit down and create an assembly line and make some fun cards using cardstock and fun markers, cut outs and glitter markers. Then make sure you save one for your family scrapbook.


This party is a time to celebrate all the great times you had during the summer. Use pictures collected items and other things to decorate that made this particular Summer great and one you want to remember.


Every region in America has it's traditional summer foods. Whether it is  a low country crawfish boil, or a northeastern clambake, a west coast tuna roll, a midwest well grilled steak or the universal hot dogs, hamburgers chicken and ribs of the local barbeque scene in your city. Let your food reflect the Summer of your region. Celebrate the Summer in your area and serve the quintessential food of your Summer living.


I suggest you do a backyard outdoor game contests, set up some games folks can play as they go around the yard. Lawn darts, tossing a bean bag into a hula hoop, jump rope, keep the ball in the air or volleyball, and a water balloon toss. Reward the person with the winning score from all the games a gift card to a great school supply place.


Amazon sells a great cd with the 25 greatest Summer songs. This would be a fun one to play.


Here is where I suggest you make a nod toward the coming season of Autumn by serving Apple drinks. 

Kids- Apple Sparkler 


1 bag of pink lady apples juiced and strained
1 bottle of gingerale
1 quart water
2 tbsp agave (optional depending on sweetness of the apples)
Mix ingredients in a pitcher and pour over ice and serve

Adults-Apple Bomb(Pitcher)

2 Hard ciders
2 jiggers of Apple brandy
1 quart apple cider
4 dashes apple bitters
2 tbsp agave

duo glasses with cider and run in cinnamon sugar

Stir well pour over ice serve

Apple Bitters

Place the apple peels, lemon zest, cinnamon, allspice, coriander, cassia, chinchona bark and cloves in a 1-quart Mason jar or other glass container with a lid. Add the bourbon, making sure all the ingredients are covered. (Add more bourbon if needed.)

Party take home gift

Small basket of school supplies I love the Dollar Store for this. Buy cute baskets and a vareity of school supplies get fun stuff for kids like sticky notes, double sided tape, and washable glitter markers. Just make it fun and useful for back to school.

The goal of this party is to have fun and celebrate the Summer and have one last group of great photos for your Summer Scrapbook. It is   time to have fun with your friends and family.

Believe in Parenting

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