Friday, August 4, 2017

WARNING! Teen Vogue's Scandalous Article


As I lay in bed and listened to the Executive Director of  Enough is Enough from the site talk about the article in the online version of Teen Vogue and it's article called  "Amal Sex 101 How to do it Right". I about swallowed my tongue. When I heard the editor of Teen Vogue sent back a  lewd picture in response to a request to remove it from the web I went to the website and posted a direct link as a warning to parents. Then thought better of it deleted my reactionary posts and knew it was time to kwrite about it instead! 

I choose not to read the article which gives a graphics, detailed explanations on how to  participate "safely" and extols the pleasures of this act; to girls although the articles does not refer to them as girls rather some new politically correct version of female.  But, if  you feel the need here is the link. I fully and with all the strength in my body encourage you to go to and sign the position however the real power you have is to speak with your dollars. Vogue is owned by the Conde Nast Publications Conglomeration which publishes just about all of the magazines you currently have a subscription to here is a list.

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I know you can hear it coming the real way to get the message across is to cancel your subscriptions and make it clear why! This is the great equalizer parents have to make it loud and clear! Over the two years I have been writing this blog I have never written a more important post. This article is dangerous to your teens. It not only gives them the mechanics of how to engage one of the most dangerous  forms of sexuality it lets them know how good it feels. This will of course encourage them to try it. Which is the whole point of the article. Parents need to cry out not only for their teen girls, but for the teen boys as well. This article I am sure will up the curiosity and let me try it factor in teens who are already seeking to feel like adults and try out what they think is adult -like behaviours. Kids are already engaging in sexual activity at the age of ten in today's culture. This article only encourages them to be more active in more destructive ways.

Cancel your subscriptions because you care about your kids, your nieces and nephews, the cute little girl cheerleaders you see at peewee football games. Or just because you care about the future. I encourage you to sign the petition, cancel your subscriptions, and talk to your teen about this to see if they have seen it. It has been out since July 17th; so, likely they have at least heard about it! This is not going away, though we may succeed in getting Teen Vogue to remove the article the damage is already done and your teens are dealing with it. So, please take action and... 

Believe in Parenting

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