Sunday, August 6, 2017

Be a Wife not just a Mother

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It is so easy while pregnant to focus on the coming baby. However, you are not bringing this child into the world on your own. You have a husband who is your partner in life. He should come first! While your are pregnant and bring your sweet baby home you will be tired and overwhelmed. The antidote for this problem is to keep your husband first in your mind. One of the things men have as a built in mechanism is the desire to be the keeper and the guardian of his people; meaning you and the baby. Encourage him to bond with your child This happens when men hold their babies and gaze into their faces, encourage him to hold the baby while you take pics for social media pr for the baby announcements. Several years ago I wrote a blog post called the Sexiest Thing a Man Can Do, the answer was be a good Dad. Hear is a link to it. Read it and get him to read it and then when ever he does something to love on  you or your child make it worth his while by making his favorite dinner, plan an outting for him and his buddies, or just lay one on him which will keep him revved up for a little while.

Remember, your marriage relationship is the foundation of your family. Make connecting with him your priority. If you do this I guarantee he will more than return the favor. He wants to be your hero, make sure he know that is the truth and you will keep him coming back to you over and over. Keep in mind as well men are programmed to think about sex   times a minute. He exercises more control over his libido just by letting you get dressed every morning. So, as soon as the doctor clears you to go back to marital relations make that a priority. While you will likely not be as active at before the baby, let him know you want thim in your life and in the bedroom.

I know you feel like the baby needs you more than he does; because he is an adult. But, the baby needs you two to stay close and connected because your relationship is their world. They will never get another one. Do not allow having this child to become the thing that fractures their world because you neglected it, caring for them.

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