Friday, March 20, 2015

How Churches have Unintentionatly Hurt Families

I love the church and believe that all God's people try to the best of their ability to love and serve one another.  I also know we can become tunnel visioned. We have created Marriage Ministries, Children's Ministries, Ministries to help parent to raise godly children. What we have not done is create ministries to help adults to parent effectively in all areas and raise healthy, well-adjusted, contributing, and stable adults.

I will say the church is not the only arena to neglect this process. Most people think there is something wrong if adults need help with parenting. Which is rather ironic when the most common statement about parenting is "children do not come with a handbook". I believe there can be truly well developed parenting ministries that are part of a churches Family Ministries. There needs to be consistent ongoing classes, support groups and discussions for parents with children of every age. However, parenting ministries are notoriously difficult to get running. Believe in Parenting offers churches training and coaching services in developing Parent Development Ministries.

Our Parent Development Ministry has three focus points:

  • Challenging parents to examine their own lives and to adjust where needed into living their own godly purpose driven lives.
  • Facilitating the growth of each parent through an understanding of child development, personality, temperament, and other aspects of childhood to give them the basis for dealing with children based on understanding.
  • Empowering parents with the tools they need to establish strong interpersonal relationships with their children. Then training them to use their influence to empower their children to develop lives lived with purpose courage, and conviction.
.It is our goal to help your church to establish this ministries through a unique one-on-one coaching program with your leadership team. This training program come into your atmosphere and develop the Parent Development Ministry based. Working with staff and volunteers, PT&A will bring in the tools, training, and parent development curriculum to trains a team of believers can then offer this Parent Development Ministry to other parents in your congregation.

If you would be interested in learring more about our training and coaching program. Check out our websites Parents, Teachers, and AdvocatesBelieve in Parenting.

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