Thursday, March 5, 2015

Making Life Easier for Families

In this age of Shark Tank, How I made My Millions, and  Food Fortunes entrepreneurs are looking for ways to capitalize on solving the problems of others which will make them rich. The Institute for Family Studies March 4th blog  by Ashley Mcguire suggests making life easier for families.

Ashley's post looks at several companies capitalizing on making life easier for parents. I am greatly intrigued by Mamava Lactation Suites. These small, clean, comfortable pods which can be located in a variety of public places allow nursing moms both privacy and comfort.  The article mentions other kinds of services entrepreneurs have offered to families and become very wealthy. So, do you see a problem that can be solved by  your ingenuity?

I have a suggestion for one. Everyday thousands of parents have to miss work because their child is ill. My idea is for a nanny service which services sick children so their parents can go to work. I envision this service would be offered by childcare center working with LPN's.

Parents would pay a service fee added to their child care fees. The center would  pay the LPN a monthly service fee. At the time parents needed the LPN's services they would pay a daily rate to the nurse; who would come to their home to care for the ill child while the parents' worked. Working out the logistics would be complicated, however I think it could work if the LPN offered services to several childcare centers in the area.If you chose to use this idea. I will thank you for a service fee. What ideas can you come up with to help families serve problems. Can you solve the problem and offer a service or product that could be a win-win for you and parents everywhere?

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