Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Ona Brown's Own Your Dreams Tour

Do you know your dreams? Have you turned them into goals? Do you need some help or encoragement? Then the Ona Brown Own your Dreams Tour is for you. This program is to help you to start to Own your Dreams and work towards making them come true. You might ask how does this relate to parenting? I will tell you. I believe parents are to inspire, motivate, and empower their children. Finding a way to live what you dream sets the example for them to do the same. Finding a way to live your dream is inspiring to tohose around you. Being happy to get up and go to work or to do what it is you have dreamed of in other ways motivates those around you to learn to get into living their dreams. Your talking about what you have done and what steps, missteps and successes empowers others to know if they work hard and stick with it, they too can live their dreams.This is all true for your children. Dr. Phil's says you can not lead where you have not been. So, I challenge you to take on a day to begin living your dreams. The tour is free, but if you would like more information or to support this effort you can use the link below to donate $22.00 or more to offset the cost.

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