Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Thank You to the Concerned Black Clergy of Atlanta

This past Monday I was hosted by Reverend Frank Brown the President of the Concerned Black Clergy at their Community Forum. I was able to speak to them about Parent Development Ministries. I found the Pastors, Ministers, Clergymen, and Community Members to be very interested. I am excited about moving forward to bring our program to the community.I thank Reverend Brown for giving me the opportunity to speak.

The overarching theme to the day's events was helping and looking out for the next generation. On the CBC's agenda was Understanding more and doing more regarding Sex Trafficking in our community and how churches can become involved in the effort to curb this practice and help all involved to make better and healthier choices.

Also, on the agenda was the fight they are waging against the formation of Opportunity Schools  which our state's governor is pushing to try and improve failing schools. The issue is Governor Deal wants to turn these schools over to a private sector charter school program. The CBC is adamant what needs to happen is not privatization, but true school improvement. They are not happy that schooling will be taken out of the hands of the local community, parents, and teachers. I believe this is the wrong move. On this score. I am not against using the services of the Charter School to support any change that needs to happen in these schools. However, the state taking over schools smackes of bureaucracy which never seems to really get anything done effectively. I am going to do a little more investigation and get back to you on this with more detail.

 In the meantime on March 30th this coming Monday the CBC will be part of a protest called Moral Monday Georgia  Education Day Rally. It will be from 4-8 pm at Liberty Plaza at the State Capitol. They are asking for support of House Bill 481 which calls for Mandated Histories of Ethnic peoples in the K-12 Core Curriculum. They are also asking to call your state official to vote against House Bill 181 and Senate Bill 232. The privatization bill I spoke of earlier.If you need more information contact Thomas Terry at,

The last and very impressive meeting agenda item was the Drug Abuse Ministry to women called Gilgal. Gilgal is a faith-based one year in-house program for women who are suffering from substance abuse. This program is bible-based and works diligently to help women turn their lives around and become employed, Jesus centered church going and volunteer focused women. I was very impressed with their leader Joyce Bray a graduate of the program who has become the program's leader. If you would like more information click the link here

I was very enlightened and educated at this community forum. The Concerned Black Clargy is open to any clergyman, community member businessmen or concerned citizen who is interested. You can attend the Community Forum on Mondays from 9:30-11:30 am at the Vicker's Community Center  838 Cascade Road, College Park, GA.  I would again like to thank the CBC for the opportunity to speak with them. I look forward to a better future for families because of it.

Believe in Parenting!!!

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