Monday, February 23, 2015

Family/Parent Ministry Coaching for Congregations

Over the years Family Ministry has focused on Engagement/Marriage Enrichment and raising  godly children. However, church leaders are starting to recognize a major gap. The assumption that parenting is innate and no training was needed in this area on an ongoing basis, has caused some serious issues. Namely, family struggling alone to resolve issues, parents  failing to recognize gaps in children's dedication and love of Christ, parents who believe they need to overprotect their children and not allowing them too learn to trust God in difficult situations, I could go on. Although, there were occasional uses of Dr. Dobson's books and videos to teach a class and ministry  leaders to talk to if you had a problem. Oh, and the church mothers who offer some support. There was no one dedicated to specifically consistently work with parents on the everyday issues.

Believe in Parenting is a unique small group training/coaching and ongoing support agency helping ministry teams and volunteers of local congregations to create Parent Development Teams. These teams are dedicated to equipping, empowriing, and supporting parents in their own houses of worship. Every congregation is different therefore, the needs for parenting is different. Our program takes into account these issues and works to assist each congregational team develop a unique program tailored to their needs.

Believe In Parenting has the following scope of work:

We support Ministry Leaders in the creation of the ministry team. It is strongly recommended teams be made up of a traditionally married couple, a blended couple, one single Mom and one single Dad.
2-4  hours month one

We offer six sessions of training. Churches can chose two or four hour training sessions two-hour sessions meet twice a month, four-hour sessions meet once. 24 hours from month one through month six

Coaching/Training and ongoing support 12 hours fixed and as needed last six months.

Total time commitment 40 hours for 12 months

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