Thursday, February 26, 2015

Idaho's Bill to Expand Parental Rights

I have spoken a lot on the limiting or criminalization of parenting. I thought I owed some news on states supporting parents. The state of Idaho is looking into a measure  to expand parental rights. Althou, looking at the langage it does not seem to me but to be common sense. The Idahodian putis it this way "The House State Affairs Committee listened to nearly two hours of testimony on the legislation that would expand Idaho law to say parents and legal guardians have the fundamental right to make decisions regarding the care, custody, education and control of their children." You can read more of the article here 

Okay, so Idaho law does not currently say that parents have the fundamental right to make decisions currently and they are seeking to ensure they ge it. I think this is great news. I must admitt though I though along with life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness these rights were already given by God. If parents do not have the fundamental right to the care, custody, education, and control of their children then who does? As a person who leans to the conservative side. It concerns me that the role of the family is slowly slipping away. When people show up to argue parents should not have nor exercise these basic roles in their children's lives then what hope does the future hold for the basic meaning of family?

I am hopeful that the Idaho legislature will make this bill law in the state. However, as the article state there will be lawsuits to block it. I just hope that those of us who believe in parents and support them in developing more and better skills can make our voices heard clearly and distinctly regarding his issue.

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