Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Search Institute Family Assest Study

I read a study by the Search Institute that looks at the Family Assets in America. Now usually family assets consist of jobs, bank accounts, and retirement plans. This study however looks at things which make a family emotionally, socially, and psychologically sound. The study looks at five areas: Nurturing Relationships, Establishing Routines, Maintaining Expectations, Adapting to Challenges, and Connecting to Community. According to the study Americans are strong in having good relationships, but have a harder time overcoming challenges or connecting to community. Only 11% of families with tweens and teens show excellent assets. 47% of families fall in the fair category. So, when it comes to inter-relational assets we have work to do. Interestingly, Blacks and Hispanics have stronger scores than Whites and Asians. My question is; is this environmental, cultural, or biological? Perhaps all three. I am interested in the future research this study will generate. You can access a copy of the study at this website. You will have to register in order to get a copy.

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