Friday, February 13, 2015

Introducing Believe in Parenting for Churches on the Own Your Deams Radio Show

This Sunday Barb Harvey will be a guest on the Ona Brown Show. Own Your Dreams is a radio show on Love 860 am in Atlanta. This show encourages folks to find their dreams and turn them into plans and goals. I really like the fact Ona talks much more about the journey than the destination. I am sure she gets this from her Dad the famous motivational speaker Les Brown, who by the way is a frequent guest on her show.

Ona has graciously invited Barb to be on her show to talk about Believing in Parenting new program bringing Parent Development Minisries to churches. According to the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture a majority of parents who attend church on a regular basis seek help when they have a parental issue. However, many churches do not have a specific plan to address these issues. Barb has created a program to help churches fill this gap. You will have to listen to the show on February 15th from 9-midnight to find out the details. If you have questions you can call the show at (404) 355-8699. To listen online . If you would like more information check out the. Great Thanks to Ona post.

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