Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What is a Parent Development Ministry?

We believe according to Psalms 78:6  it is the job of every parent to empower their children to become adults who live Godly purpose driven lives. We also believe that in Ephesians 4:11-13 Paul makes it clear it is the church’s responsibility to equip the saints to do their work. The  mission of Believing in Parenting is dedicated to encouraging, supporting, and guiding local church congregations in the creation, development , and establishment of Parent Development Ministries.

A Parent Development Ministry has three focus points:
  • Challenging parents to examine their own lives and to adjust where needed into living their own godly purpose driven lives
  • Facilitating the growth of each parent through an understanding of child development, personality, temperament, and other aspects of childhood to give them the basis for dealing with children based on understanding.
  • Empowering parents with the tools they need to establish strong interpersonal relationships with their children. Training them to use their influence, to empower their children to develop lives lived with purpose, courage, and conviction.
It is our goal to help churches to establish these ministries through a unique one-on-one training and coaching program. This training program comes your atmosphere and develops the Parent Development Ministry based your needs. Working with staff and volunteers We bring in our tools, training, and parent development curriculum and trains a team of believers to offer Parent Development Ministry to your congregation.

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