Sunday, February 15, 2015

Scotland's Madatory Government Nanny Program

Over the last few years I have begun to cry out about the criminalization of parents and parenting. I have done this because I see a time when family life could suffer from such over concern on the part of the government. What is happening now in Scotland gives me both pause and sends a shudder down my spine.  In this program every Scottish child will have a "government nanny" basically a person who checks in on the child for the government. This "named  person" will have access to all things pertaining to the child including medical records. Although, parental input is valued this named person may report their finding to whomever they deemed important without the parent's consent or input. The final straw for me is that the Scottish government is recommending to teachers and school officials that if they note the child's sexual behavior seems concerning they should contact the named person and not the parents.

The Scottish Government explains the program on their site. The program called Getting It Right for all Children or GIRFAC is outlined clearly here . Opponents think this closely mirrors some of the United Nations opinion of what needs to happen with families. I will investigate that and get back to you later.

My great concern with this program is the effect it will have on family life. It is often difficult for parents to maintain a disciplinary strategy and a relationship with their kids. If the government has a person who has veto power over a parent comes into the picture, I think all bets are off. In addition, I love history these kinds of programs were instituted in both Nazi Germany and Communist Countries. This is the ultimate of the child belonging to the state and not the family.

We have already seen some of this in the US. Over the last few years several children who were under the care of a doctor were taken into custody. One case in Massachusetts regarded a young teen who was taken into custody by officials even though she was and had been treated by a specific doctor for years. My fear is this will become the norm. Scotland's law leads me to suspect my fears are based in reality.

 There are those who are fighting this program. I think every person who values family and parenting should donate to this cause. This BBC Report gives more details  here  The original story as I got it was from WND for the link to the story click here

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