Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Is Quality Child Care a big deal?

What is the big deal about quality care? I have been asked this question a lot over the last year and I can tell you it means a lot! Quality Child Care is all about how well your child will learn and grow during the first five years of life. I think quality should exist no matter where the child spends those years. This is why I wrote this book. I think all parents should know and understand what is happening in an Early Childhood Setting because it is important that all children enter school ready to learn. If a child is at home with Mom or Dad excellent. However, the parent needs to help prepare the child as well or better (said due to one on one attention) to enter Kindergarten ready to thrive. This book is not just for the parents entering their child into pre-school. It is for the parent who want to ensure their child who is with Grandma or at home will also have the skills needed to do well. The last few sections of this book gives parents the tools they need to provide a quality early childhood program at home. It gives parents a basic understanding of pre-skills and some exercises to support this learning with at home activities. This book would make a great gift to a pregnant or new Mom trying to decide if they want to put their child in care or stay home. It is also a great book for a stay at home Dad looking to grow his skills in preparing children for Kindergarten. There are also many Grandparents who want to  help Mom and Dad or are raising their Grandchildren this book can help.
 Take a look.

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